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Sermon Study Questions

Archives for October 2017

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Why aren't they doing it right?

Mark 2:18-28 Why wasn't it appropriate for Jesus' disciples to fast while he was with them? Why are Jesus' disciples a rejoicing people? How did Jesus respond to the charge that his disciples were breaking the Sabbath? What is the significance of Jesus saying that the Son of Man is lord of the Sabbath? ...

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Spiritual Discernment

1 John 4:1-6 How are followers of Jesus to exercise discernment? Why is exercising discernment necessary? What is the ultimate criteria for exercising discernment? What role does the Holy Spirit play in providing us discernment? When we need instruction, where should we go to get it? ...

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The Great Commission

Matthew 28:18-20 How does Jesus being given all authority in heaven and on earth affect His followers? What does Jesus command all of His followers to do? Why are baptism and being taught Jesus' commands a critical part of following Him? Why do Jesus' disciples need to be reminded that He is always with them? ...

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Why is Jesus with them?

Mark 2:13-17 Given Levi's standing in the Jewish community, how would people have expected Jesus to interact with him? How did Jesus interact with him? Who did Levi invite to come and eat with Jesus? How did they respond to Jesus? How did Jesus demonstrate His care for His followers when the scribes and Pharisees questioned them? Who did Jesus come for? ...

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Who does Jesus think he is?

Mark 2:1-12 What made the faith of the men who brought the paralytic to Jesus visible? Why were the scribes so offended by Jesus' forgiveness of the paralytic man's sins? How did Jesus show Himself to be God in His interaction with the paralytic and scribes? When Jesus restored the paralytic, why did He begin with forgiving his sins rather than healing him? ...

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