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Sermon Study Questions

Archives for November 2017

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Peace in Troubled Times

Psalm 46 When we are distressed and in trouble, how does God help us? What happens when we look for comfort in something other than God? How does remembering the works of God provide us comfort? Why does God want us to be still and know that He is God? ...

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Escalating Opposition and Extraordinary Faith

Mark 3:1-6 What did the religious leaders hope for when Jesus entered the synagogue? What did Jesus ask the religious leaders? How did they answer? Why was Jesus angry with the religious leaders? How did the man with the withered hand respond to Jesus? ...

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Pastoral Ministry

Acts 20:17-24 Why do pastors need to be with people in order to pastor them? Who is a pastor's master? Who do pastors serve? What must pastors not shrink back from? What is the life ambition of a faithful pastor? ...

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