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Sermon Study Questions

Archives for September 2017

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The King's Fitness

Mark 1:21-45 What differences did people recognize between the teaching of the scribes and Jesus' teaching? What characteristics marked Jesus' ministry of restoration? How did Jesus demonstrate dependence on God in carrying out His ministry? In what ways did Jesus' interaction with the leper point forward to what He would accomplish on the cross? ...

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Following Jesus

Mark 1:16-20 How is following Jesus different than our modern view of what it means to be a follower? What type of people were Jesus' first followers? What were they doing when Jesus called them to follow Him? How does Jesus grow His followers? When people are called to follow Jesus, what response is well pleasing to God? ...

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Gospel Ministry and the Kingdom of God

Mark 1:14-15 What does Mark communicate is the fate of the faithful? Why did Jesus conduct His ministry in Galilee rather than the wilderness? What was the good news that Jesus proclaimed? How do you face pressure as a follower of Jesus? ...

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