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Sermon Study Questions

Archives for January 2018

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How the Kingdom Grows

Mark 4:26-29 How does the kingdom of God grow differently than worldly kingdoms? What does Jesus emphasize in the parable of the seeds growing? Why does the way God grows his kingdom produce humility and comfort in his people? Is there anything that can undo what God has purposed to do? ...

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Paying Attention to the King's Word

Mark 4:21-25 What does the gospel teach people who hear and pay attention to it? What is the secret of the kingdom of God that would be revealed at the appropriate time? How does giving significant attention to the word of God benefit us? How does disregarding the word of God affect us? ...

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Hope and Holiness

1 Peter 1:13-16 How do we grow in our hope of final salvation? Why does our understanding of final salvation affect how much we hope in it? As followers of Jesus Christ, what does Peter instruct us to turn away from? What is God's will for us in how to live our new lives in Christ? ...

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