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Sermon Study Questions

Archives for February 2018

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Two Desperate People and One Powerful Jesus

Mark 5:21-43 How did Jairus approach Jesus? How did Jesus respond to Jairus? How did the woman with the 12 year illness approach Jesus? How did Jesus respond to her? What did Jesus tell Jairus to do when he heard that his daughter was dead? In the midst of desperate circumstances, how should we respond to Jesus? ...

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The Clash of the Kings

Psalm 2 What are the nations plotting together to accomplish? What is their natural inclination toward God? How does God respond to the plotting of the nations? Who will God's anointed one rule over? What is the wise response to God's rule? ...

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Jesus and the Man from the Tombs

Mark 5:1-20 How had the demons impacted the life of the man they possessed? When the demons saw Jesus how did they respond to him? What did the demons beg Jesus for? How did the local people respond to Jesus? What did Jesus instruct the man who was previously demon possessed to do? ...

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Who is this?

Mark 4:35-41 How did the experienced sea faring disciples respond to the great storm? Why does Jesus sleep through the great storm? What does Jesus' control over the wind and waves of the storm teach us about him? How do the disciples respond to Jesus' control over the wind and waves of the storm? ...

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