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Sermon Study Questions

Archives for May 2018

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Jesus the Provider

Mark 8:1-10 Why did Jesus feel compelled to provide food to the crowd that was with him? When Jesus tells his disciples how he plans to feed the crowd, what is their response? What provision does Jesus make for the crowd? How does this account encourage us to grow in our compassion for others? ...

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Precision Gospel Medicine

Mark 7:31-37 How did the people in the Decapolis respond to Jesus compared to the last time he was there? How did Jesus interact with the deaf man who was brought to him? What does Jesus' sighing before he healed the deaf man tell us about him? Why did Jesus charge people not to tell about the healing of the deaf man? ...

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Deliverance from a Distance

Mark 7:24-30 What did the Jews of Jesus' day think about the region of Tyre and Sidon? When a Gentile woman asked Jesus to cast a demon out of her daughter, how did Jesus respond? How did the woman respond back to what Jesus said? What do we need to bring to Jesus so that he will deliver us? ...

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